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General/Other Non-IoT devices (e.g. tea kettle, refrigerator) contain capability to connect to IoT and create trouble.  >> more Phil Laplante 15 Jul 2015
General/Other IoT enabled devices (e.g. routers, multimedia, television) contain malware.  >> more Phil Laplante 15 Jul 2015
General/Other "HereO, a smart GPS watch designed for children, similarly took advantage of a flaw in how the watch authenticates with its web service. The flaw, which relied on tricking a family's group into accepting a request to join their group, could let an attacker have access to every family member's location and location history." http://www.zdnet.com/article/two-newly-discovered-security-flaws-light-fire-under-internet-of-things-again/  >> more Anonymous 08 Feb 2016